Euroblech 2018 Hannover - 23.-26. Oktober 2018.

14.10.2018 ·

VLM dies will be shown at the UKB GMBH booth.

Building 12 - Location C54.


VLM CNC system wil be showd at the Adira booth.

Building 12 - Location D66.


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New Demo CNC Adjustable Die - VLMENDPSCNC2400. • 14.10.2016

This month we finished our new Demo CNC Adjustable Die.


VLMEN - Die Model

DPS - Die Part System.

CNC - Automatic system, PLC ... [read more]

VLMBNDPSCNC system 12500mm Tandem press brake • 20.04.2016

Delivery of our first VLMBN model automatic system on a Tandem press brake.

Press brake: Farina.

Lenght: 12500mm.


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VLMEN DPSM • 10.02.2015

Finished our VLMENDPSM ready for the market.

VLMEN - Die model.

DP - Die part.

SM - Semi-automatic.


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