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The product “VLM”
VLM, in Dutch stands for Verstelbare Lamellen Matrijs.

In English this can be translated as Adjustable Die System. This patented die system is a development coming from the long experience with bending sheet metal of Mr. H. Feijen, the former technical director of VLM. VLM succeeded in finding the unique combination of an adjustable and still affordable press brake adjustable die system. The success of the tool is the result of its modularity; the basis is one simple building block. This concept is patented worldwide. By using this adjustable die you can achieve a yield improvement of up to 30%. The adjustable construction makes it possible to bend sheet metal products with only one die.
The significant advantage compared to traditional fixed V-dies is that especially for small quantities and different sheet thicknesses, changeover times for different die openings will be reduced drastically.

Besides this time saving, you will be able to optimize the press force; choosing the most optimal V-opening. Through the infinite adjustability it is possible to accomplish every required radius. With standard dies this would be hardly possible as a consequence of the high number of different V-openings needed.



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